Natural Resources

Chile’s principal exports are natural resources. One of ISCI’s central concerns has therefore been to develop projects in this area that are both innovative and high-impact, as well as conducting basic research. The Natural Resources group has provided solutions for three main industries: forestry, mining and salmon farming.

Our activities in forestry go back to the 1990’s when a research group that would later join with others to create the Institute began working on problems faced by firms in this sector. The applications that resulted, with regular upgrades, are still in use in the domestic industry and have been exported to other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and South Africa. These systems support decisions on forest harvesting, optimal location of harvesting machinery, access road network design and daily scheduling of log transport. This work was the recipient of INFORMS’ Franz Edelman Award for 1998. As regards the development of methodologies for the industry, the group has addressed issues such as integrating forest supply chains, incorporating market stochasticity, and taking account of future climate change. One of the papers reporting on these solutions was the winner of INFORM’s Best Publication Award for 2013 in the category of Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment.

As for mining, the group has developed ore extraction planning models in collaboration with CODELCO, the world’s largest copper mining company. System designs going back to the early 2000’s are still in use at different CODELCO mines, both underground and open-pit. The savings that have accrued to the corporation thanks to the application of these models are significant and well-documented. In 2013, a study analyzing these results again won INFORM’s Award for Best Publication in the Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment category. The group is currently working on the development of support systems for operating decisions.

Finally, group researchers have collaborated with several firms in the Chilean salmon farming industry, second in output only to that of Norway. These efforts have focused on developing models for daily operations, logistics and the different stages of the supply chain.

Natural Resources Researchers

Andrés Weintraub

Grade: Ph.D. in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, University of California, Berkeley.
Areas: Production Management, Land Use and Location, Mining, Renewable Resources: Forestry and Aquaculture, Retail, Transport.
Lines:  Operations Management, Operations Research, and Transport and Forestal Management.

Academic Hierarchy: Professor of the Industrial Engineering Department, Universidad de Chile.

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Rafael Epstein

Grade: Ph.D. in Operations Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Areas: Production Management, Management in the Public Sector, Land Use and Location, Mining, Renewable Resources: Forestry and Aquaculture.
Lines:  Operations Research, Logistics and Operations Management in Forest and Mining.

Academic Hierarchy: Associate Professor of the Industrial Engineering Department, Universidad de Chile.

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Guillermo Durán

Grade: Ph.D. in Computer Sciences, Universidad de Buenos Aires.
Areas: Methodological Tools, Production Management, Retail.
Lines: Graphs Theory and Combinatorial Optimization.

Academic Hierarchy: Assistant Professor of the Industrial Engineering Department, University of Chile.

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Lorena Pradenas

Grade: Ph.D. in Engeneering Systems, Computación COPPE, Industriales. Universidad Federal de Río de Janeiro, Brasil, 1990.
Areas: Methodological Tools, Production Management, Management in the Public Sector, Business Intelligence, Industrial Organization, Transport.
Lines: Gestión de Operaciones, Gestión de la Producción, Transport.

Academic Hierarchy: Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Universidad de Concepción.

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Eduardo Álvarez

Grade: Ph.D. Operations Research, Università di Bologna.
Areas: Methodological Tools, Production Management, Business Intelligence, Industrial Organization.
Lines: Operations Management, Operations Research, Networks Design.

Academic Hierarchy: Teacher Assistant, Universidad de Talca.

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Rosa Medina

Grade: Control System Engineering and Operational Research, Department of Electronics, computer Sciences and Systems, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy.
ISCI Research Group (s): Natural Resources and Logistics.
Research lines: Sequencing solutions, Two-Dimensional Cutting, Flexible Job Shop .

Academic Hierarchy: Assistant Professor. Universidad de Concepción.

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Martin Quinteros

Grade: Ph.D. in Engineering Systems. University of Chile.

Areas: Logistics in Oil & Gas, Energy, Maritime Transport, Simulation, Risk Management.

Lines: Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Optimization, Mathematical Modeling.

Academic Hierarchy: Professor program Master in Engineering Management (MEM) of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences of the Universidad de los Andes.

Professional Hierarchy: Chief of the Operational Research Division at the National Oil Company (ENAP)

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