Data Science

“Data is the new oil” is just one of the commonly heard phrases that underline the importance of data in today’s world. Data science is a new multidisciplinary area of research where approaches drawn from fields such as mathematics, computer science, engineering and the social sciences join forces to analyze data and extract useful information. With the volume, variety and speed of data creation constantly growing, developing these methods of analysis is an enormous challenge.

The Data Science group at ISCI is made up of academics from different Chilean universities and research areas. Data mining, web mining, metaheuristics and the Internet of Things are just some of the areas where the team is active in teaching and research. Group members have applied techniques from their respective fields to projects in the analytics of health, crime, business and education, to name just a few examples. Basic research is being conducted on topics such as feature selection, dynamic data mining, evolutionary algorithms and ubiquitous computing.

The group is also involved in the dissemination of research, development and applications related to data science through conferences, seminars, and executive education courses.


Data Science Researchers

Víctor Parada

Grade: Ph.D. in Computers and Systems Engineering. COPPE Universidade Federal de Río de Janeiro.
Areas: Energy, Production Management, Business Intelligence.
Lines: Modeling and resolution of combinatorial problems of the sector of productions and services.

Academic Hierarchy: Head Professor of the Informatics Engineering Department, Universidad de Santiago de Chile.

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Richard Weber

Grade: Ph.D. in Operations Research – University of Aachen.
Areas: Methodological Tools, Energy, Production Management, Management in the Public Sector, Business Intelligence, Retail.
Lines: Data Mining, Operations Management, and Computational Intelligence.

Academic Hierarchy: Associate Professor of the Industrial Engineering Department, Universidad de Chile.

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Sebastián Maldonado

Grade: Ph.D. Engineering System, University of Chile.
Areas: User Behavior, Methodological Tools, Production Management, Business Intelligence, Industrial Organization.
Lines: Data Science, Maths, Operations Management.

Academic Hierarchy: Assistant Professor of Engineering and Sciences, Universidad de Los Andes.

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Ángel Jiménez

Grade: Ph. D. in Computer Science.
Areas: Production Management, Business Intelligence.
Lines: Ubiquitous Business Processes Management, Ubiquitous Computing, Human Factors in Service Oriented Computing, Internet of Things, Information Systems.

Academic Hierarchy: Assistant Professor of the Engineering Industrial, Universidad de Chile.

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Juan Velásquez

Grade: Ph.D. in Information Engineering – University of Tokyo.
Research areas: User Behavior, Production Management, Business Intelligence, Renewable Recourses, Forestry and Aquaculture.

Lines: Information and Communication Technologies applied to business, Business Intelligence, Web minning, Design and construction of data mart and data warehouse, using non traditional mechanisms of information extraction, such as neuronal networks.

Academic Hierarchy: Head professor of the Industrial Engineering Department, Universidad de Chile.

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Andrea Rodríguez

Grade: PhD in Spatial Information Science and Engineering, University of Maine, USA.

ISCI Research Group (s): SmartCities.

Lines of research: Spatial and spatio-temporal databases and information retrieval.

Academic Hierarchy: Full professor. Universidad de Concepción.

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Jaime Miranda

Grade: Ph.D. in Engineering Systems. University of Chile.
Areas: Methodological Development, Schedule of shifts, Data Mining, Planning and optimization of university infrastructure.
Lines: Data Science, Mathematical Modeling, Operational Research.

Academic Hierarchy: Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Universidad de Chile.

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