About US

The Complex Engineering Systems Institute (ISCI), housed at the Universidad de Chile, has brought together a group of top researchers from eight Chilean universities. Each of the researchers has been invited to join ISCI in view of their academic merit and for their existing or potential synergy with other ISCI members. This is the case with the current group of 57 ISCI researchers from the Universidad de Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Universidad Diego Portales, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Universidad de los Andes, Universidad de Talca, and Universidad de Concepción.

The researchers’ group was formed in 2008 with two main goals. First, to define a solid set of engineering research areas that are both coherent and complementary within our broad definition, where all types of infrastructure interact with human behavior. Second, to establish a worldwide reference in engineering research and education outside the USA and Europe, leading to a better understanding of relevant problems and attracting high-level, young researchers to be part of this interesting challenge.

This group has gained internationally recognition for the quality of its research. An important part of this work is performed in conjunction with researchers from other prestigious centers abroad, through consolidated and formal collaboration networks. It prioritizes local synergy and an intense activity of nationwide impact, due to the influence of its members in relevant decision-making agents in the industry as well as in public institutions.


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