To train new professionals and experts is a fundamental objective of the ISCI. Young academics have been incorporated to the Institute, students who are working on their thesis have been sent to international conferences and to work with co-investigators in USA, Canada, New Zealand and Europe, and other countries.

In other hand, the works with the industry have permitted many students and graduates to participate in several applied projects.

Besides, a Ph.D. in Engineering Systems (DSI) (Doctorado en Sistemas de Ingeniería) has been created, which combines industrial, transport, mathematical and electric engineering topics, and it’s focused on developing problem resolution skills with advanced techniques.

Moreover, ISCI members participate in Master programs that are related to ISCI’s research areas. These programs are: Master in Operations Management (Magister en Gestión de Operaciones (MGO)) and Master in Transport Engineering.

Ph.D. in Engineering Systems

Doctorado ISCIThe Ph.D. in Systems Engineering aims to train high level specialists, with a strong base in technology and deep knowledge of the tools for modeling, understanding and optimizing complex systems which interact with physical elements and human behavior.

The graduates have the tools and skills to address complex problems, combining among large sizes, randomness and dynamic aspects and/ or significant externalities as a result of the systemic interaction between actors and processes. They are able to develop solutions with a integrative perspective, linking technical knowledge with methodologies in the state of the art, supporting the productive and social development of the organizations or allowing new approaches and theories to be incorporated in science.

The program is given by excellence academic s in the areas of Operations Management, Energy and Transport from the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Chile. Many of the program’s teachers are also members of the Complex Engineering Systems Institute. In the last 10 years, they have accomplished more than 240 ISI publications, due to their remarkable quality.

More information at: www.dsi.uchile.cl

Master in Operations Management (MGO)

MagisterengestiondeoperacionesThe objective of the Masters in Operations Management program (MGO) of the University of Chile’s Industrial Engineering Department is to form professionals excelling at management schemes and the use of information models and technologies, in order to develop the capacity to solve complex problems in the field operations management area.

The academic staff involved in the Masters program hold doctorates from the most prestigious universities and are members of the Operations Management Center of the Industrial Engineering Department (CGO). The wide experience of its members in the development of research projects and consulting on forestry, mining, services and manufacture issues makes the CGO the leader in its area of specialty.

Those graduating from this program have successfully joined the productive sector, occupying relevant positions in domestic and international service and manufacturing companies. They also carry out academic work and research, and have continued their PhD studies in prestigious universities.

More information at: http://www.dii.uchile.cl/~mgo/

Master in Transport Engineering

TransporteThe Master in Transportation Engineering Program of the University of Chile’s Transportation Division provides a cutting-edge degree in the field of transportation.

The objective of this program is to enable graduates to solve highly complex methodological and applied problems in the specialty, actively participate in research teams, and carry out technology transfers in a critical manner.

This program will enable students to solve transportation problems in an intelligent and enthusiastic manner. This area of knowledge has been developed by integrating multidisciplinary inputs from psychology, to understand human behavior, to engineering, with its analytical methods, as well as geography, economics and urbanism. These different approaches, together with the relevance of quality of life as regards Transportation, are probably the reason for the interesting nature of the intellectual challenges posed in this discipline.

More information at: http://www.cec.uchile.cl/~dicidet/magister.html