Renewable Resources: Mining, Forestry and Aquaculture

Renewable resources are a source of permanent economic development and growth, if they are used intelligently. Therefore, the ISCI has worked with the forestry and salmon farms in order to streamline and cause the exploitation of these resources to be sustainable.

Within the forestry industry, Institute academicians have developed optimization techniques that have translated into significant savings in the harvest and transportation of products and supplies.

These forestry techniques conceived in Chile have been exported to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Southafrica, and they have been copied in many other countries. Our academicians continue exploring new approaches and incorporating additional elements, like fire risks.

ISCI researchers developed models for the organization of trucks, the installation of harvest machinery, the decision as to road location, the election of the areas to be harvested, etc. Their application translated into savings amounting to US$ 20 millions per year for Chilean forest companies; currently, the models are applied in Chile (Arauco, CMPC) and abroad, and they received the international Edelman award, which is typically awarded to giants like General Motors or American Airlines.

As regards salmon industry, ISCI members have worked in a Salmon Industry Sustainable Development Indicator System in Chile (ISIS). They have also addressed operational problems like transportation routes to supply food to salmon farms, plan salmon culture along the whole supply chain tanks, fresh water, sea water and cage management.

Renewable Resources

Rafael Epstein

Grade: Ph.D. in Operations Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Areas: Production Management, Management in the Public Sector, Land Use and Location, Mining, Renewable Resources: Forestry and Aquaculture.
Lines:  Operations Research, Logistics and Operations Management in Forest and Mining.

Academic Hierarchy: Associate Professor of the Industrial Engineering Department, University of Chile.

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