Data Science

Data Science is the study of generalizable knowledge extraction from data. It is based on theories from many fields and incorporates mathematics, probabilistic models, machine learning, learning machines, statistical learning, programming, engineering data, pattern recognition, visualization, modeling uncertainty, data stores, and high performance computing to find meaning in information.

Science data is not restricted to the “Big Data”. But the fact that the amount of information available continuously increasing, makes the analysis of large amounts of information is an important aspect of data science. Another key ingredient that has driven the practice and application of science data is the development of machine learning-a branch of artificial intelligence that is used to discover patterns in data and develop predictive models practical and feasible to use.

Researchers at the Institute Complex Engineering Systems working in Data Science to help solve complex problems. Its high-level applied research seeks to generate knowledge to improve strategies and business operations. In this connection, ISCI, supporting the Business Intelligence Center (CEINE), in some of its activities related to the area.

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