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The Complex Engineering System Institute (ISCI) is a scientific research center that addresses major or especially complex issues that affect organizations, companies, institutions and communities.

The resolution of problems in complex engineering systems requires state-of-the-art techniques and a lot of creativity, tools that allow ISCI researchers to mathematically represent the world, the processes and the behavior of individuals, including their decisions and their consequences.

The ISCI was conceived from the initiative of a group of academicians of the Physical Sciences and Mathematics Faculty of Universidad de Chile that aimed at integrating different engineering areas to create top level scientific research.

The ISCI is the successor of the successful work carried out for five years by the Complex Engineering System Nucleus, which turned into Institute in 2007, thanks to the funding of the Millenium Scientific Initiative (ICM) of the Chilean government.

Today, the Institute has excellent academicians of the Universidad de Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Universidad de Concepción, Universidad de Talca and Universidad de Los Andes. They include outstanding researchers and young promises; all of them Ph.D. from renowned universities and authors of several publications in international magazines with ISI standard. The Institute is funded from the Government of Chile, through ICM and CONICYT, in addition to business resources for applied projects.

Our researchers conduct researches and develop projects in the Operations Management, Transport, Optimization and Power Engineering areas, as well as other areas like Industrial Organization and Environment. Such areas share basic analytical tools and are disciplinarily complemented.

Some practical applications led by ISCI projects include the productive chain management for Bosques Arauco (that was awarded the Edelman Award) and the optimization of food portions for school supplied by the Junaeb (work awarded the IFORS award).

The ISCI aims at positioning in a privileged place within the academic world, thus becoming a national and international scientific research benchmark, able to create, from engineering, innovative and efficient answers to the most challenging current problems.

If you want to contact us, reach our Comunications Manager, Fabiola Romo, at 6894403 extention 107 or at f.romo@isci.cl

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